Fundación El Maná

Fundación El Maná es una ONG sin ánimo de lucro que nace el 8 de noviembre de 1989

We support sport and childhood !

With more than 150 athletes, from five (5) to eighteen (18) years of age, we form a family that leaves everything on the field. For more than 19 years we have been champions in local, regional and departmental tournaments.

Our history

The Club was founded on August 23, 2002 in La Ceja del Tambo, observing in soccer the possibility of putting an end to gangs and social problems through the proposal of “Street Educator”. Street tournaments were initiated where the teams were able to become organized and constituted sports groups. 

At the request of the young people who participated in the project, it was decided to form Maná Fútbol Club as a program of The Maná Foundation, which continues to grow in players, work team and soccer level.

More about Maná Futbol Club


We use and empower soccer as an effective tool to involve and form human beings with values, focused on God, discipline, respect and teamwork, providing comprehensive training and creating conditions for the achievement of a high quality of life.


To transform the reality of life of children, adolescents and young people of Eastern Antioquia, using soccer as a strategic tool to form, in addition to great athletes, integral people who face life successfully.


– Registration fee $20,000 pesos.
Monthly fee 2021:
– Training processes: $45,000 pesos per month.

We are looking for a team full of skilled.

Sponsors and benefactors who give their all for the T-shirt.

You can support us through:

  • Sponsor Plan.
  • Registration fees of categories to tournaments and
    tournaments and competitions.
  • Registration fees.
  • Transportation.
  • Uniforms
  • Sports equipment.

Support a champion!

With $45,000 Colombian pesos per month you will allow the dribbling and talent of a boy, girl or teenager in Maná Fútbol Club.

Together up front

We live sports as a psychosocial tool where children and young people find a life alternative to contribute to the healthy development of the vulnerable population of Eastern Antioquia.

Tournaments and competitions

Categories and tournaments

– Category U7.
– Category U8.
– Category U9.
– Category U10.
– Category U11.
– Category U12.
– Category U13.
– Category U14.


Incerde Tournament, La Ceja.

IMER Cup, Oriente Antiqueño.

Antioquia Soccer League, Antioquia.


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